Boosts Engine Performance,  While Cutting the Fuel Bill in Your Wallet.

Give up the inferior catalytic converter cleaner, the PEA and PIBA in EngineWife will effectively remove carbon from your engine, making your engine as crazy as a athlete on adrenaline; and of course most importantly, after one year of using EngineWife, you will save at least $20,000 in fuel costs, which is even enough to buy a new car

How Does EngineWife Work?

EngineWife™ Catalytic Converter Cleaner is intended to remove carbon deposits and impurities that build up in catalytic converters over time. These deposits might obstruct the passage of exhaust gases and lower the effectiveness of the converter. This can lead to increased fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and overall engine performance.

Fuel with Purpose: EngineWife Makes Every Drop Count

EngineWife™ enables the engine to breathe better and operate with less restriction, allowing for smoother power delivery and optimized fuel efficiency. With improved fuel efficiency, drivers can get more mileage out of their fuel, ultimately saving money on fuel costs.

Cleans Away Carbon Deposits for Optimal Efficiency

EngineWife™  is designed to deep clean the converter by identifying and removing carbon deposits and impurities that collect over time. The cleaner comes into contact with the carbon deposits and impurities as it flows through the converter, Effectively Loosening them. The active components operate to chemically break down these deposits, allowing them to be dislodged and dissolved from the converter's interior surfaces.

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Open the gas cap of the car

Add EngineWife in the ratio of EngineWife: Fuel = 1:1000 before refueling. be careful not to overdo it!

WARM TIPS:Please add the product when the remaining 1 / 4 of the fuel is used, After the vehicle runs about 30-50 km,fill up the fuel tank.

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A Mercedes GL450 having 25+ miles per gallon highway? No way you would say. Yes way! The mpg slowly increases over time and for me, this indicates less friction. I will never run my engines without this additive!


Excelente producto fácil de aplicar, solo hay que mezclarlo bien, el motor tenía un pequeño ruido del desgaste por 200.000 kilómetros y al aplicarlo se le quitó, suena como nuevo espero probarlo con más tiempo, por el momento excelente 👍

Edgardo Saavedra

this and ZDDP/zinc (beware of the implications with cat convertors) are about the only two additives I've found that are actually pretty amazing. amateur engine builder, amateur racer, overall fan of things that make metal hot.both are expensive, but if you're racing or wanting to be reeeeeeally protective of your new pressure washer, its great.

omgerd yay buying stuff

As soon as I did my second oil change on my 2018 Mustang GT, the type writer tick started. Switch to a 5w30 motorcraft semi synthetic and my car was still ticking. Add  EngineWife and it got rid of my type writer tick on my 2018 Mustang GT as soon as I poured it in.

luis valdez

Works amazing. Gets rid of the famous tick. I don’t beat on my car and I changed my oil and it’s starts to tick a lot so I poured this into the oil and bam

Tousif khan

UPDATE put it in my 03 1.8t passat and it has smoothed alot over time. Bought some again for a beater 91 1.8 integra, took before and after pics of my rpms at idle warmed up, and it actually increased idle speed and runs smoother

Amazon Customer

EngineWife works well. Starts are less noisy and mpg has improved a tad. Compliment this with synthetic oil for best results. Satisfied completely. Takes a few hundred miles to "cure". Recommend you use half bottle of EngineWife on future oil changes out to 30,00 miles. Then reapply EngineWife.


I had the code P0 420 in my 2005 Dodge Caravan and I used it to clean the catalyst and oxygen sensors and impurities and after following the instructions I was able to solve my problem. I bought the oxygen sensors but I didn't use them because the EngineWife worked perfectly for me


I added this to a 13 gallon tank of 93 octane in my 82 Delorean for some upkeep on the fuel injection system. From what I read, it’s safe to use with the K-Jetrontic fuel injection systems which is what the Delorean has. Noticed a difference in the idle and response after about 3 gallons of fuel ran through it. I highly recommend EngineWife. It’s a high quality additive.

Jeff Burdess

Engine guarding, harnessing worry-free!


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